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Binge Eating In Men-Its Not Just A Women’s Disorder

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Article title: Binge Eating In Men-Its Not Just A Women’s Disorder

The thing to remember about bingeing is that it does not know boundaries. Anyone, of any age, and any background, can succumb to the effects of this condition. What many people don’t realize is that there is even binge eating in men. Finding the source of what causes it in them is just as important as with anyone else.

When someone discusses anorexia or bulimia, they automatically assume that it is a condition that only affects women, but this is simply not the case. Also known as compulsive eating, it has the ability to manifest itself in anyone. This is why many men are able to get by with their condition must easier than women since no one is focusing on them.

The treatment is the same for individuals whether they are male or female. The first part of laying groundwork for treatment is to determine exactly why the condition has occurred in the first place. Once this is known, it is much easier to come up with a course of action that will yield the best results. Without knowing the cause, it is difficult to know where and when temptation may surface.

Our society tends to portray a man as a stronger force that will not let his emotions be exposed as easily as a woman. But once a man is alone, their psyche can become diminished quite easily from depression, loneliness, despair or feelings of abandonment from family, friends or even society. As with a woman, a man will respond in like fashion by looking for a resolution to their pain by using food. The difference between the sexes is that the public, and even friends and family, will look for the signs in women much easier and quicker than they will in a man.

The disease can be just as dangerous and deadly as it is for others. The same ill effects can occur with the same disastrous results. Finding someone that a man will agree to confide in is rather difficult for them, which is another reason why detection is often overlooked. It is also why they typically will not seek help from a professional since they believe that there is nothing wrong and that they might even be considered less of a man for having the condition in the first place.

There is often a stigma that women are the only ones with disorders relating to food, but assuming that binge eating in men does not occur means not looking out for important signs that something is tragically wrong.

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