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Health PLR Mini Bundle (157 Articles + 2 MRR eBooks)

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Are you looking for fresh health-related content or searching for high-quality eBooks to build your list? This health PLR consists of 157 Health Articles and 2 MRR Health eBooks that you can use as a lead magnet or simply resell them and keeps the profit.

Here are the topics covered in this Health PLR Articles Pack:

Back Pain
Binge Eating
Body Building
Cold Sores
Ear Infection
Home Remedies
IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)
Low Blood Sugar
Master Cleanse
Varicose Veins

2 MRR eBooks

eBook #1 Juicing for Vitality (93 pages, PDF)

Stress is a common problem in today’s society. With today’s hectic and chaotic, 24/7 society, more and more people are feeling the effects of stress on their daily lives.

This simple guide to meditation for beginners will show you how to be present at the moment to relieve stress and improve your life.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this guide:

  • How practicing meditation can transform your life.
  • The many benefits of practicing meditation on a daily basis.
  • How meditation can improve your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  • The different meditation types that you can begin to practice.
  • How to get started with meditation.
  • The different breathing techniques to use during your practice.
  • Practical tips to be successful in your meditation practice.
  • And much more!

eBook #2 Meditation For Complete Beginners (44 pages, PDF)

Juicing For Vitality is an EXCELLENT topic to disrupt the Health & Wellness market.

Branding yourself as an authority figure while giving life-changing information to your customers can never get easier!

Topics covered:

  • How to turn dull vegetables into an Elixir Of Life so that you can absorb all the nutrients without the bitterness.
  • How to flush out the gunk from your gut and kidneys that makes you feel and look lethargic
  • Why you should juice your own vegetables and fruits, instead of getting juices from the stores, which are not as healthy as claimed by the commercials.
  • The difference between juicing and blending… and which is Better.
  • How to smooth out wrinkles and turn back the aging clock.
  • Why energy drinks are ‘dirty’ energy as compared to juices, and how they can cause your body to shut down
  • And much more!

Addon: Minimal resale price for Juicing For Vitality is $7!

Instant access to this Health PLR Mini Bundle for only $9.90!

Health and Self Improvement eBooks Combo


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